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Calc5 Gadget released!

Calc5 gadget published. In order to add Calc5 to your Google homepage just press Add to Google

Jan 03, 2007

Beta started!

Public beta started.

With calc5 you can plot 2d and 3d graphs, make symbolic calculations such as differentiation, browse 2d graphs same way as you browse map in your favorite mapping service with zooming and panning.

Dec 09, 2006


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Wisit also our new search system front end!


Sample with variables. a=5; y=1; (x-y)^a; A number of functions graphs could be displayed side by side. graph(sin(x)*x, sin(x), x^2) 3D graph sample. graph3d(3/(x^2+y^2)*sin(x^2+y^2))
sin(x)*x differentiation diff(sin(x)*x, x)
x^x differentiation diff(x^x, x)
It is possible to manage graph smoothness by changing number of points where function calculated. z = x^2+y^2-4; graph3d(z, points=8); graph3d(z, points=30);

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